Another Season Begins

Yesterday was the beginning of a new season in the Prom household.  Josh had his first hockey practice of the year. To those of you in Minnesota with kids who play hockey you may think this is pretty late. It is in comparison to other places where ice has been on the rinks and practices started at the end of August.  That’s what happens when your hockey program doesn’t have a ton of players or money.

The team has their first game a week from Thursday and will have had 6 practices to prepare.  Thankfully they don’t have practice every day because it gets to be a very long day for the boys.  Lots of windshield time for the Cook County players who travel to Silver Bay for short practices.

It will be an interesting season this year as Silver Bay has to be classified as an “A” team.  Most bigger towns have an “A” and a “B” team where the better players are on the “A” team.  Since we don’t have enough kids for 2 teams our one team has to be an “A” team.  That means all players good and not so good will be together playing against the cream of the crop of other towns.  As I said, it should be an interesting season.

And so another season begins…


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