Another Minnesota Moose Tale

Here’s another tale about a moose. This one wasn’t on the Gunflint Trail but it was in Minnesota!

St. Louis County Deputy Helps Moose Get out of Town

Updated: 05/24/2014 9:31 AM
Created: 05/23/2014 5:06 PM
By: Cassie Hart

A longtime St. Louis County Sheriff’s Deputy can now add moose handler to his resume.

On Monday, an Aurora resident called 911 to report a moose wandering in town. That is when Deputy Bernie Mettler and other deputies responded.

They quickly found the moose and followed it for several blocks. But the moose could not get far, as a chain link fence separated the moose from its destination.

Eventually, the moose got tired and decided to take a rest in the middle of the road, near a school playground.

Mettler suspects the moose had been chased by wolves, and described it as looking roughed up and in distress.

“I wanted to get it up and out of town,” said Mettler. “Moose are nothing more than a wild cow, and if they’re on their side, they can’t get up.”

So Mettler moved in to offer a helpful nudge.

Mettler said he has seen moose before, but this was the first time he had the chance to touch one.

He was able to get the moose to move several more blocks, and it finally was able to head back to the woods.

Deputy Bernie Mettler helped a moose stuck in down get back to the woods.
Photo courtesy of Dana Kazel



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