And They’re Off

     The Voyageur Hudson Bay Expedition Crew is off on their adventure.  They spent last night in Grand Portage, Minnesota and will begin their trip by hiking the trail with the same name.  Also known as the Great Carrying Place, the Grand Portage is an almost 9 mile trail that connects Lake Superior to the navigable portion of the Pigeon River.

     The Grand Portage contains a rich history of trappers, fur traders and natives and our Crew is certainly not the first to travel the trail and won’t be the last either.  Crew Member Will Tanner has already hiked the Grand Portage from Lake Superior to the Pigeon River and back to Lake Superior in the same day.  While spending last summer at Wilderness Canoe Base he and 3 other guys who had the day off decided to test their endurance by hiking The Grand Portage there and back without putting down the canoe with the exeption of placing it in the Pigeon River.

     Today I’m guessing the crew will need to take a few rests along the wet and rugged trail.  It’s early in the canoeing season and their shoulders will not be accustomed to an 80-pound canoe on top of them for hours on end.  This trail would no doubt be much easier at the end of their 80-day canoe trip especially if they were traveling towards Lake Superior  when the trail would be going downhill.

     In any case the Voyage has begun and we couldn’t be more excited.  We’ve anticipated this day for months and are so glad to finally have them off and on their way.  You can check the progress of their journey on the website.  We wish them a safe and memorable expedition. Bon Voyageur my Voyageurs!

Voyageur Hudson Bay Expedition Crew