And the List Gets Longer

     There’s a certain point when the list of things to do gets a little bit shorter, unfortunately we’re not at that point yet.  It’s still early season and we’re trying to finish up our spring projects, fit in a couple new ones and work on the emergency ones.  All the while we’re serving guests and taking calls from future guests.

     It will be awhile before our list gets shorter but on Friday the kids will have their last day of school and that won’t hurt.  A field trip, a graduation and a half of day of school on Friday will bring an end to the 2010-2011 school year and we’re happy right along with our kids.

     It’s difficult to manage the business with the kids in school.  There are times when we get on the telephone only to look at the clock and see we’re late to pick up the kids.  Good thing they can walk and understand we’re busy and forgetful too!

     We’re happy to be busy and to have a long list of things to do to keep us going at the end of the Gunflint Trail.