Along a Portage Path

     While on our recent Quetico Park canoe trip I hiked a portage without gear. This is when you can really take time to look at the scenery since you aren’t as concerned about falling down with a pack on your back or a canoe on your shoulders. It never ceases to amaze me the things you can see if you only take the time to look around.

     One thing I saw was the biggest cedar tree I have ever seen.  It had two big sections that made the average sized birch tree leaning against it look small.

quetico park cedar treeQuetico Park tree                 Cedar tree Quetico Park

     I always knew there were mushrooms on the forest floor but I’ve never stopped to appreciate how many species and how pretty they are.

quetico park mushrooms          Mushrooms Quetico Park

     Even the trees are beautiful with the sunlight filtering through their branches. Or with leaves looking like they have been spattered with red paint.

Quetico Park            Quetico Park

     It’s for those things above that I love to hike a portage whether or not I need to in order to reach my destination. Sometimes it’s just nice to go for a walk in the woods while out in the canoe country.