Aging Paddlers and Young Paddlers

We’ve heard the reports  there aren’t as many young folks visiting the BWCA these days but thankfully we’ve seen a good amount this year. We do have plenty of repeat customers who are of course getting older each year but we’ve had a good amount of families visiting with young children as well.  We continue to have a good number of Boy Scouts, church youth groups and school groups camping in the Boundary Waters.

There may not be wi-fi, snapchat or other ways to connect with friends in the wilderness but our Voyageur Crew still loves to paddle and camp in the BWCA and Quetico.  They are young and adventurous and they can survive without gadgets.  They have friends that can survive as well.

We just need to remind folks about the benefits of being in the canoe country and they will come. And if not, then it will be even more of a wilderness for us to enjoy. As more National Parks get busier and more congested we’ll covet our pristine wilderness even more.  And young or old, people will continue to visit, paddle and camp in our amazing Boundary Waters.

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