A Year in the BWCA Continues

The Freemans have been in the Boundary Waters for more than 164 days of their 365 day voyage.  Can you imagine spending the winter in the BWCA? It sounds heavenly to me with the exception of no shower. Unlike my daughter I do not like to jump in icy cold water so I would really be looking forward to the thawing of and warming up of the lakes.  My guess is the Freemans have boiled water and placed it in a sun shower to mimic a real shower but I could be wrong.

They have had numerous visitors over the winter who have brought them supplies, food and chocolate.  According to a recent article, “They’ve paddled or traveled by toboggan and dog power about 800 miles and visited 126 lakes. Moving every few days from camp to camp, they’ve seen temperatures as low as 28 below zero and taken a quick plunge through the ice on a 46-degree afternoon.”

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