A Typical Scene

     My 8-year old son Josh loves to fish and run around barefoot.  It should have come as no surprise that he was racing around the house with his Vikings T-shirt on, fishing pole in one hand, worms in another and bare feet.  The only surprising part of this scenario is Josh was doing it this morning.

     Snow on the ground, frozen puddles and a thermometer reading of 29 degrees this October 11th.  That doesn’t seem to dampen Josh’s enthusiasm for fishing.  He has two friends over and they are trailing behind him out onto the docks with their shoes on.  Sorry Stephanie, no jackets.

     After urging Josh to put his shoes on I realized his bare feet were probably fine.  His toes are sticking out the front of both shoes and his feet are busting out of the sides.  I guess it’s time to take him shoe shopping even if he never wants to wear them.