A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

     And they’re off! It was the first day of school for my children today. We had plenty of time to get ready and make it to the bus on time without a hitch. Finding shoes for Josh to wear was the only minor incident. We didn’t go school shopping for Josh and since he never wears shoes in the summer I hadn’t realized he didn’t have any that looked or smelled good enough to wear to school.  Luckily he wears my size now and was fine with wearing a pair of my blue trail tennis shoes.

     A bear returned for the 2nd night in a row last night.  He roamed the deck and knocked over the garbage can but didn’t find anything inside.  He then went over to the garbages by the bathhouse and found just a little something someone put in there after we had taken garbage.  I hope it wasn’t enough to make him want to return.  I saw other places he visited as I drove the kids to the bus stop. Garbage in the driveway of one neighbor!

     It was nice to go for a walk after the kids got onto the bus.  The loons were singing, the grouse were out walking and it was a beautiful sunrise.  The temperature was comfortable at 43 degrees and it’s suppose to reach 70 today. Should be a beautiful day.

     The burn out of the Pagami Creek Fire sounds like it went well yesterday.  Today they have more prescribed burning planned on the fire so hopefully the weather will cooperate.  There’s a 2nd fire about 7 miles northeast of Ely burning on the northwest end of High Lake on a peninsula. I’m sure they will be monitoring that today as well.

     If you happen to notice any typos in today’s blog I have an excuse.  This morning I decided to have some delicious looking pancakes Jessica made.  Not wanting to drip syrup on the dispensers I grabbed the gallon jug and of course put way too much syrup on my plate.  Then I went to sit down with my laptop but I wasn’t paying close enough attention because before I knew it my keyboard was filled with syrup! I quickly tipped the computer upside down to let the syrup drip out.  Unfortunately not all of it came out so I was wiping intently on the keyboard concentrating so hard I actually drooled on the keyboard too! Needless to say my keys are a wee bit sticky this morning.

     There you have it, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  To all of you folks with kids or grandkids going to school today congratulations on surviving another summer!