A Gorgeous Memorial Weekend

     Mother Nature has been so kind to us this Memorial Weekend 2007.  Since Friday, the 25th of May, we have received 3.69 inches of rainfall, most of which has fallen during the sleeping hours.  We will gladly take all of the moisture we can get after the dry spring and the Ham Lake Fire. 

     Fire officials said it would take two inches of rain to put the Ham Lake Fire out and guess what?  Three inches will do!  Yesterday a helicopter flew the perimeter of the fire and didn’t find any hot spots.  Things are looking good on the Gunflint Trail.   

<%image(20070527-plantmemsm.jpg|250|188|Tree planting on the Gunflint Trail)%>

   Things are looking even better this weekend thanks to some wonderful Gunflint Trail neighbors.  Dave and Nancy Seaton of Hungry Jack Outfitters organized a tree planting weekend and a number of gracious volunteers offered their help.  Our property, along with many others affected by the Ham Lake Fire, was visited by volunteers who planted over 100 seedlings.  This isn’t easy work in this granite country and we really appreciate their effort and help. 

<%image(20070527-joshgrandpasm.jpg|358|240|Memorial Weekend Fishing Fun)%>

   The lakes are even being generous this weekend.  They are giving up lots of fish, including some great walleyes on Saganaga.  Josh has been having a terrific time with his grandpa and other relatives fishing down south this weekend.  He continues to call himself the Northern Pike Slayer as he demonstrates in this photo that was e-mailed to us yesterday.

     We hope you are all having a safe and memorable Memorial Weekend.