A Canoe as a Casket

I have to admit I don’t have my entire funeral planned. I have envisioned a Diet Coke Fountain, all you can eat King Crab legs and Bon Jovi singing, “Live While Your Alive and Sleep When You are Dead.” Those are the loose plans and I figured I would probably be cremated and have people scatter my ashes in various locations but that is up to the folks who are left behind and that care what happens to my remains.

Now that I have seen the canoe casket made by Phoenix Boatworks I’m having second thoughts. I wonder if they float? I’m thinking if I die young I could be preserved and floated out in front of Voyageur Canoe Outfitters on the Seagull River.  That way those people who couldn’t make it to my funeral or who just couldn’t bare not to see me there could visit whenever they wanted. I’m not sure about the winter time but I imagine I could be placed at one of my favorite cross-country ski trailheads and maybe I could be incorporated into dog sled races if skis could be placed on the bottom of the canoe casket.

There are so many options I never thought about until now. Thanks for sharing this website with me Mr. Maxwell.  The best thing is I don’t have to buy another normal bookshelf ever again.

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