A Bug is in My Stomache

    Yesterday’s Blog Title was "Spring is in the Air" and I wrote about spring, so if today’s title holds true you may not want to continue reading if you have a weak stomache.  Up until yesterday I had been happily reporting to everyone how healthy my family had been over the winter.  "Nope, I haven’t been sick once, our family has been so lucky!"

     I can now say, "Everyone in my family has been healthy and lucky except for me."  I sure hope the rest of my family doesn’t get what I have because if Mike and the kids were as sick as me then that would be way worse than me just being sick.   Say a short prayer for their continued health and for this bug to die a slow and painful death.

     This bug has been biting quite a few people.  I’m not sure when it started but I do know I spend way too much time holding hands with kids in school and even walking them to the nurse’s office.  I also know Shari from Gunflint Pines got sick on the Saturday during Mush for a Cure and now her son is sick too.  Since then the Morrison’s who have been working with us and staying in our Riverside Cabin have been battling the bug too.

     I think 4-year old Easton was first to get it in their family.  He’s been spending quite a bit of time in my house while his mom works.  Chance and Dawson both ride the bus with Abby and Josh and are in the same classrooms respectively.  They’ve been spending lots of time playing over at our house too and their sister Bailey has carpooled with me on a couple of occasions as well.  Well, Bailey got sick, then Bob the dad,  Chance and April the mom too.  I don’t think Dawson has gotten it to the extent that everyone else has, yet.

     It isn’t a pleasant bug.  You may ask, "Is their such a thing?"  I like to think a bug such as the lightening bug is pleasant and a june bug is not.  Anyway, Monday night I woke up around 1:00 AM with a rumbling in my tummy and let’s just say I’m so very thankful we have indoor plumbing.  It continued throughout the night, into the next day and is actually still rumbling.  I slept pretty much all day yesterday in between sucking on ice cubes, going to the bathroom, and leaning over to make sure my bucket was in place just in case.  I went to my bedroom at 10:00 PM last night and woke up around 10:00 AM today.  I’m dizzy and achy and starving, but I don’t want to eat a thing.  Just to let you know how sick I am I will confess that I couldn’t even drink a half of a bottle of Diet Coke yesterday and I still haven’t been able to drink one today.  For those of you who know me, you know how miserable I must be.

     This bug has gotten the best of me and I’m ready for it to let me go.  I will let you know that as this bug was flying around I was washing door knobs, spraying Lysol and doing my best to disenfect everything around my house.  It’s a tough little bug that’s for sure.  Well, that’s all for now, I gotta "run" no pun intended.