A Beautiful Mother’s Day

     Thirty-Nine Years ago today Patricia Prom gave birth to a baby boy.  It was on a Mother’s Day in 1970 when Mike Prom arrived.  Wouldn’t that have been the best Mother’s Day ever?  To become a first time mom on Mother’s Day, how beautiful is that?  Thank you Patricia and Happy Birthday Mike.

     Yesterday was a beautiful day on the Gunflint Trail.  The sun was shining, the lakes were calm and there was only a slight breeze in the air.  It would have been a perfect day to go for a paddle, take the boat out fishing or take a hike in the woods.  I’ve done all of those things on Mother’s Days in the past but unfortunately I had work to do yesterday that kept me from doing anything fun.  However, being a mom to my two great kids makes every day a beautiful mother’s day for me.   

<%image(20090511-bearsmall.jpg|300|200|Gunflint Trail Bear)%>

   The highlight of my day was seeing the first bear of the season.  We were driving back from church in Grand Marais when Mike spotted the bear in the ditch.  I didn’t see it right away but at my urging he turned the car around.  I got out, looked around but didn’t hear or see anything.  I got back in the car and Mike pulled ahead only to see the bear bound into the woods again just a little bit in front of the car.  I hopped out of the car again and instructed Mike to pull ahead.  "He’s not going to come out again." Mike said as he pulled away. 

     I stood quietly on the side of the road and watched the black bear through the trees.  It wasn’t too long before the bear ran towards the road only to stop dead in his tracks when he saw me standing there.  One shot with the camera is all I could get off before he was back in the woods, this time to stay. 

<%image(20090511-bearclosesmall.jpg|300|245|Bear on the Gunflint Trail)%>