-36 Below Zero

That was the low temperature last night on the Gunflint Trail. The wind was blowing like crazy and school was two hours late this morning. It’s been a super cold winter and January isn’t over yet.  Luckily now that Josh is older all of his hockey games are indoors as are his practices.  The downhill ski team isn’t as lucky and many of their practices and meets have been cancelled.  It’s too bad we have a winter with great snow but it’s been so frigid it’s difficult to go outside and enjoy it.

-5 or -10 degrees isn’t that bad if the wind isn’t blowing but the wind has been fierce. I haven’t even been out cross-country skiing yet and it’s one of my favorite activities to do in the winter. I just can’t seem to convince myself to get out there when it’s so cold outside.

Tomorrow it is supposed to get up into the 20’s but unfortunately Josh has a hockey game at 2:00pm.  If it wasn’t a two hour drive to the rink then I might have managed to get a ski in sometime during the day but my guess is that won’t happen.  The rest of the weekend a high of 1 degree is predicted and Monday a high of only -11 degrees.

One of these days it has to warm up, right?

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