Noise in the BWCA Can Be Golden Too

“Shhhhh. Remember what I said? No screaming, this is the wilderness, we only scream if we are hurt.”  Seconds later another blood curdling scream lets loose followed by loud laughter.

“Shhhhh.  Girls, there are other people out here trying to enjoy their solitude of the Boundary Waters.”  This time a minute passes before the next scream is launched into the quiet canoe country.

If screaming meant someone in my group of 7 girls was hurt then we were in serious, near death shape. As much as I begged, pleaded, threatened and whined I could not get those 7 middle school girls to quit screaming.

I cringed every time knowing their voices would carry into nearby lakes.  I knew it could ruin someone else’s experience but there was nothing I could do. If anyone knows how to keep a group of middle school girls from screaming(besides duct tape or death) then please let me know.

I couldn’t keep them from screaming but the good thing was I knew they were having a great time.  They were having fun jumping into the lake, sliding on the rocks, splashing and swimming in the Boundary Waters.

They weren’t squealing about boys, hooting over a Vine video or a photo posted on Instagram. They were out in the wilderness and they were having the time of their lives without any of their electronics in their hands.

Was I proud of their behavior? Of course not but I could either spend the entire time yelling at them or sit back and listen to the noise and realize this too was golden because those girls were learning how to have fun in the Boundary Waters.

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