100 Years of National Parks

cotopaxi_national_parks_x2_v04 copyWe’re a month late in celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service. The actual date was on August 25, 2016 but it’s a year long celebration, “of stewardship of America’s national parks and engaging communities through recreation, conservation, and historic preservation programs.”

I haven’t been to a National Park for awhile but I almost went to Michigan’s Isle Royale this summer. I always knew a person has to plan ahead for a trip out there and that’s why I was surprised when I phoned the lodge this summer and they had a vacancy when I wanted to go.  I was super excited until I called the boating companies that leave from Grand Portage.  There was room on the boat to go out to the island but not for the return trip on the day when I needed to be back. I wonder if many people find themselves “stranded” on the island without room on the boats to return? I wouldn’t mind being stranded on that island.

Here’s a couple of National Park infographics from Cotopaxi.  Check out their company, they are “a new outdoor company that funds sustainable poverty alleviation, moves people to do good, and inspires adventure through innovative outdoor products and experiences. Our unique business model enables our grantmaking in developing countries and represents a commitment to sustainable product design and charitable giving.”

National Parks
National Parks


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