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Moose Attacks Snowmobiler

Crazy but true a moose attacked a snowmobiler in Maine. I have yet to be attacked by a moose but I have had them huff and snort at me as well as charge me. In the instances when moose have

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DNR- Mouth to Mouth with a Bear

Do Not Resuscitate. That’s one meaning of the three letters strung together but it also means Department of Natural Resources.  Sometimes I feel like I am critical of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in my blog posts and I

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Nace Hagemann Photography

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful photographer living on the Gunflint Trail. And one who has the time to spend staring at the night sky and hanging out with wildlife.  Nace Hagemann owns a construction company but

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I Love Wildlife

Talk about an amazing photo opportunity.  I don’t know how big of a telephoto lens this man had but I’m guessing it was pretty powerful. I wouldn’t want to get a momma polar bear mad when she has three cubs

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Squirrel Evades Lynx

Our neighbor was on the Gunflint Trail the other day and got to see an awesome wildlife encounter. A lynx was in pursuit of a squirrel and Michael Valentini was able to snap a few photos of this.

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Black Bear Visits Voyageur

William Winter was staying in our Water’s Edge Cabin when he had an unexpected visitor arrive for dinner.  Luckily the bear didn’t end up eating William for his dinner!  Thanks for the awesome photos.  

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Photography in the Boundary Waters

If you’re like me then you rarely leave home without your camera. I take on an average 10,000 pictures a year.  Thank goodness I don’t have to pay for all of these to be developed to see them or I

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