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Making the North Shore Even More Beautiful

It looks like the US Forest Service is going to make our beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior even more beautiful with their newest project.  Read their press release for details.   Natural Resource Conservation Service and Forest Service Team

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Christmas Trees

It’s around this time of the year we start seeing Christmas trees on top of vehicles heading south. Many people come to our neck of the woods to select their trees and not from the lot at the Holiday Station

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Cooking over a Campfire

One thing I have never thought of before was the dangers of cooking in a Boundary Waters fire pit. I was at a USFS BWCA Cooperator meeting the other day and one of the wilderness rangers said she never starts

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A Little Fire

I am surprised a tree that caught on fire last week was named the “Partridge Lake Fire.” It seems a bit odd, kind of like naming a hurricane when it’s not even a tropical storm yet.  I hope this doesn’t

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What Time Is It?

Permit time for the Boundary Waters is almost here. On the 29th of January at 9am you will be able to reserve your BWCA permits for the upcoming paddling season.  You can reserve them online or call 1-877-444-6777.  You can

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BWCA Fire Restrictions in 2013

I hope the only person’s BWCA campfire plans I screwed up this weekend were my own.  We had hoped to get through 2013 without any fire restrictions for the canoe camping season. Technically I’m not sure if we did. We

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