New Canoes at Voyageur

A blustery day to unload canoes but it’s a sign the paddling season is coming soon!

Canoes to Voyageur Canoe Outfitters

Wenonah Canoe Delivery

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Look Who’s Back in the Neighborhood

Moose are on the loose and we’re so happy to see them back in the neighborhood.

Gunflint Trail Moose

Moose are Hanging Out

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Ham Run Fun

The Ham Run Half-Marathon and 5k Fun Run is coming up soon. It’s just a week from tomorrow on Saturday, May 2nd. It’s hard to believe it’s almost May.

If you need a place to stay then give us a call. This is a great time to visit the Gunflint Trail. It’s so quiet unless you go where the ice is tinkling on the shore. It’s a sound I love to hear. We take a boat ride up to the narrows and listen to the waves and the music they make with the floating ice.  I haven’t been out to hear it yet but a boat ride is in the near future.

Just like the Ham Run. There’s still time to sign up to run and/or walk. Hope to see you on the Trail Less Traveled.

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Boundary Waters Expo on the Gunflint Trail

The Gunflint Trail is hosting a Boundary Waters Expo June 12-14th at Seagull Lake Public Landing right in our backyard.  There will be exhibitors, speakers, demonstrations and much more.  Come listen to Cliff Jacobsen, enjoy a Shrimp Boil and spend some time on the Gunflint Trail.  Call us today to book your stay(1-888-CANOET) and find details about the event online.


Boundary Waters Expo on the Gunflint Trail

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Happy Earth Day

I hope you are able to get outside to enjoy Earth Day. Take a hike, picnic in a park or go for a short paddle to celebrate the day.  Do something nice for our earth today. The Minnesota DNR recommends trying to cut down on your water use.

DNR NEWS – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                  April 20, 2015

Minnesotans encouraged to conserve water for Earth Day

Everyone can act locally to protect the planet by taking simple steps to conserve water resources. The 45th anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, is a reminder of the many ways to make a difference.

“In the land of 10,000 lakes, we need to appreciate our great water resources and increase our concern for how we use water,” said Carmelita Nelson, Department of Natural Resources water conservation consultant. “Earth Day started because of dissatisfaction with how the environment was being treated. Although some aspects of our environment have improved since the 1970s, today we all need to focus energy on preserving water quality for future generations.”

As a first step, Nelson suggests that every family try to find ways to conserve water. Check home faucets, toilets, and pipes for leaks; even small drips can waste 20 gallons of water per day. Take shorter showers, turn off water while brushing teeth or shaving, and find ways to save water in the kitchen or laundry room.

“Toilets are the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of residential indoor water use,” Nelson said. Older toilets use up to 3.5 gallons per flush. Replacing them with new WaterSense labeled toilets will save water and reduce home water bills. This simpler, greener choice can save 4,000 gallons of water per person every year.

The second largest water user in most homes is the washing machine, with the average wash using 41 gallons per load. High efficiency, water-saving washing machines use nearly half that amount and have the added bonus of using 50 percent less energy per load. On store labels, the lower the water factor, the more efficient the washer is.

“As we Minnesotans start to get enthusiastic about spring, we should also think about ways to reduce water use outdoors this year,” added Nelson.

Water use peaks during the summer, putting increased demand on city water systems and individual wells. When picking out landscaping for a yard, select species that are drought-tolerant and well adapted to the soil. Consider reducing the amount of turf grass in some areas of the yard by planting butterfly or pollinator gardens, native prairie gardens, or rain gardens where appropriate. Consider putting up an easy and efficient rain barrel beneath a downspout.

“While it is not safe to be out on most lakes or rivers on April 22, get outside and splash in a puddle, walk along a shoreline or just enjoy a nice glass of water,” Nelson said.  “We all need to become more aware of what a precious resource we have.”

For more information on water conservation in Minnesota, got to  or to the new Metropolitan Council Water Conservation Toolbox at

For more information on Earth Day, visit

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Moose Collaring Update

Thanks to our summer neighbor Monica and some other key people Governor Mark Dayton is stepping in to put a halt to the collaring and killing of moose calves in Minnesota.

According to a Star Tribune Article yesterday, his office said that, “if humans are now the second-leading cause of death for collared calves, the additional risks to them aren’t worth the potential scientific gains. He has told the DNR that this spring’s calf collaring with be the last. And researchers say that even this next round will be cut short if calf deaths are too high.”

This is good news but it could be better news. We want the collaring of calves to be over now, we don’t want to wait until after this year after more calves have died due to collaring.  If you feel the same way then please voice your opinion to the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources which is the appointed group of legislators and scientists who are controlling the funding for this project.  Susan Thornton is the chair.

I want to know what is killing our moose but I don’t feel we need to collar calves in order to do so.

Moose in Minnesota

Moose on Sag Lake Trail

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Voyageur Canoes on Another Expedition

It isn’t our Voyageur Crew who is paddling from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic but the crew of 6 is paddling Voyageur canoes complete with our logo stickers on the side.  They own the canoes and I’m thrilled they are on this incredible journey.

Voyageur Canoes

Modern Day Voyageurs

Four of the trip participants are from St. Cloud, Minnesota, just like Mike and I and the other two are from Iowa. They have a website and you can follow along on their journey and see some amazing pictures.



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A Loon!

I saw my first loon of the season today when I went for a drive around Trail’s End Campground. It was swimming in the bay of Gull Lake in front of the Saganaga Landing at the campground.  I didn’t hear him sing even though I tried to converse with him.

It was a rainy day on the Gunflint Trail and we received .61″ at the Seagull Guard Station.  Earl Falls, the tiny falls across from the Guard Station, is flowing nicely and Moose Pond is free of ice. The ice is pulling away from the shore on many of the smaller lakes and it won’t be long until the ice is off of Iron, Little Iron and Swamper. I’m guessing the ice will be off of Saganaga completely by May 2nd, but that’s just my SWAG Theory.

It’s muddy once again but we won’t complain.

Gunflint rainy day

Gunflint Trail waterfalls


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Sunny Skies

We’ve been blessed with beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures this past week. People are out and about without jackets and are wearing short sleeves and shorts. When the temperature reaches the 50′s up here we think it’s summer.

It doesn’t feel like April and everyone is wondering when Mother Nature will dump a foot of wet snow on us. Although it would make things muddy again and disappoint many we do need some precipitation. It looks like we might get some rain next week and that’s a good thing as I’m having a difficult time staying indoors.  When it’s nice outside I’m drawn outside to savor the sunshine on my face.

Temperature in degrees from the Seagull Guard Station on the Gunflint Trail.

  • April 11     65
  • April 12     71
  • April 13     55
  • April 14     63
  • April 15     68
  • April 16     60
  • April 17     69
  • April 18     57
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Boating Season Coming Soon

The lakes are still frozen on the Gunflint Trail but the streams and rivers are starting to flow. South of us other lakes are opening up in Minnesota and many people are anxious to get out onto the water. We’re looking forward to getting out on the water too and the nice weather has us thinking we might be doing it sooner rather than later. As soon as the river opens up we’ll get a boat in and check out the conditions on Saganaga to report to all of you.

Here’s some safe boating tips from the Minnesota DNR.

DNR NEWS – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                       April 17, 2015

Prepare now for a safe boating season

Before launching into open water, boaters are reminded to inspect their boats and boating equipment and review regulations, which can be found in the 2015 Minnesota Boating Guide at

“With lakes and streams opening up across the state, boaters are anxious to get on the water and start enjoying the boating season. The best time to make sure boats, equipment, and safety items are in legal and proper working order is before your first launch of the season,” said Debbie Munson Badini, boat and water safety education coordinator with the Department of Natural Resources. “No one wants to break down, get a ticket or have a safety emergency after waiting all winter to get back on the water.”

In addition to making sure boats are equipped with all required safety items, it’s important to take extra precautions during the cold water season when more than 30 percent of Minnesota’s boating fatalities take place.

While children younger than 10 years old must wear life jackets while aboard watercraft when underway (i.e., not tied to a dock or anchored for swimming), boat and water safety officials strongly recommend that all boaters wear life jackets anytime they are on cold water, no matter their age.

“Wearing a life jacket is an imperative part of staying safe on the water during the spring months when the water is extremely cold,” Munson Badini said. “In the event of an unexpected fall or capsizing, having a life jacket on can make all the difference. Adult boaters resistant to wearing a typical life jacket are encouraged to try inflatable styles, designed to make preventive use more convenient and comfortable.”

Before the first launch, boaters should verify their motorboats are equipped with the following:

U.S. Coast Guard-approved wearable life jackets for each person on board.
A Type IV throwable flotation device on boats 16 feet or longer.
A horn or a whistle.
Type B, U.S. Coast Guard-approved fire extinguisher.
Navigation lights in working order.
Valid boat registration, with numbers visible.
Watercraft can be registered in person at any deputy registrar of motor vehicles or at the DNR License Center in St. Paul. Registrations are good for three calendar years. Renewals can be done in person, or online at

Further details, including boating safety tips and information on watercraft operator permit requirements, can be found in the boating guide at

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