Wilderness Weather

Some of you may have read in my most recent newsletter about the local weather man.  Dave does an awesome job of keeping track of the weather on the Gunflint Trail.  He has a great website that has records of temperatures and precipitation all the way back to 1996.  When Mike and I first moved up to the end of the Trail we were one of the official weather stations on the Trail.  We had a little contraption that would record the day’s high and low temperature and a gage for collecting precipitation.  We also had an official yardstick for measuring snow depth in the winter.  We were asked to record and send in the weather and in return we were paid, maybe $8.00/month.  Since we were often away from home marketing at various Sport and Travel Shows we decided the job was not for us.  I do like to be able to read about the weather, but my future is definitely not in recording or predicting it.