Wenonah’s Barge

     I have a confession to make and I’ve been avoiding making a public statement about it because of my daughter.  You see, there is this old stereotype about girls not being good at math and science and I don’t want her to think she has less of a chance at these subjects than her brother does just because of her gender.  I’m not sure if it is because I am a female or not but my confession is, "I am not good with numbers."  

     I feel so much better just getting that off of my chest.  Now I will go into further detail for those of you who are a bit confused.  In yesterday’s blog posting about the Wenonah Canoe I accidentally said the Seneca was 37.5 feet wide and the MN III was 35.5 feet in width.  One of my loyal readers(Thank you Upton), caught this mistake but unfortunately it wasn’t before I printed the same incorrect information in my e-mail newsletter that reaches about 5000 people.  Whoops!  

     The great thing about my blog is that I can go back and edit the information.  So now if you read the post about the Wenonah it correctly states the width in inches and not feet.  The bad thing about my newsletter is I have no way of changing the information.  Needless to say I am receiving lots of cute e-mails about barges in the Boundary Waters and maneuverability of a canoe of that width. 

     I am pleased to know that so many people are reading my blog and my e-mail newsletter so carefully and for the record…  My highly paid proofreaders, Mike and Marilyn have been suspended of their proofreading positions(at least until my next e-newsletter is ready to go).