Voyageur Girl

     Sheri Prom has been a Voyageur Girl since she was 10 years old.  The last name probably says it all, Sheri is Mike’s cousin.  She’s been coming up to Voyageur to "work" since we first purchased Voyageur in 1993.    

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  I thought Sheri’s first visit would be her last visit to Voyageur but she has returned every year since.  It’s not that she didn’t like coming up to work it’s that I thought her parents wouldn’t let her return.  Sheri had so many mosquito bites when I brought her home it looked like she had a severe case of the chicken pox.  Thankfully they didn’t hold me too accountable and they let her return summer after summer.

     In the early years at Voyageur Sheri helped in any way that she could.  Since she was so young she was usually under direct supervision but washing cook kits was one thing we let her do on her own.  We were pleasantly suprised at how quickly she could have all of the cook kits cleaned and hanging back up in the outfitting building.  Then one day we found out the trick to her speediness, instead of scrubbing them, she was hiding them!  

     Needless to say, Sheri has come along way.  Now she does everything at Voyageur and we haven’t found a hidden cook kit in years.  She can clean boats, hang tents, pack food, reserve permits, drive boats and do whatever needs to be done.  She spends the morning in the kitchen cooking breakfast and then most of the day in the store and office.  She is an incredible asset to have at Voyageur and we are lucky to have her back again this summer. 

      If you are at Voyageur this summer then be sure to ask Sheri to tell you some more of her great Voyageur Tales, there’s plenty to go around!