The Voyageur Experience

     Positive vibes must be in the air because everyone paddling with Voyageur this summer has nothing but good things to say.  It’s great to hear positive comments from guests especially about our service and our staff; those are the two things we pride ourselves in the most at Voyageur.  People have been generous with their words of kindness and we appreciate hearing them because it keeps us doing the best job we can for each of our special guests. 

"From the warm greeting when we first arrived, the helpfulness of the tow boat operators, to the great weather you ordered up for us. We had one of our best trips ever."

     We do our best at Voyageur because we love what we do and where we live.  We try to find people to work with us who share this love and who are willing to share it with our guests.  I think we have an incredible crew this year who is always willing to go the extra mile for our guests and each other.  They work together as a team to provide the best possible experience for all of our guests.  They know what a valuable experience a canoe camping trip is and do everything to can to make each person’s trip a success.

"Your tows to and from were great and your "drivers" were fabulous"    


At Voyageur we purchase new equipment on a yearly basis because we know we want top notch equipment when we go out paddling.  We take equipment off of the outfitting shelves when we go camping as we know it is clean and in top repair.  The outfitting staff was thinking it would be great to get a request for dirty equipment because there is usually plenty on hand, but since that doesn’t ever seem to happen, we clean it all before putting it back on the shelves. Careful attention is given while packing each food pack and special requests are the norm, not the exception.  We go the extra mile or three to provide the best service we can.

"The young ladies who served us pancakes were so pleasant, so early in the morning."  

     I can say all of this without feeling like I’m tooting my own horn because I am such a small part of what goes on at Voyageur.  Mike is the biggest force behind Voyageur with Don and Marilyn tied for second.  We are so fortunate to have Don and Marilyn here year around to help keep things running smoothly at Voyageur.  They do an outstanding job and take pride in all they do for Voyageur and the guests.  All of the staff working together is what makes Voyageur the awesome place it is for our guests.  

     That’s what it’s all about, our guests.  They are what keep us all going and striving to do the best job possible and it’s the smiles on their faces and the kind words they say that make the hard work worth the effort.