Thank God…

     And everyone else who has prayed, called, volunteered, or expressed well wishes for our safety on the Gunflint Trail.  We can’t say how grateful we are to the Bakers at Gunflint Pines who have given us food, shelter and a place to call home.  They have helped care for our children, our dog, and our cat while we have been busy with the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department. 

     I need to thank Mother Nature too.  She didn’t make the winds blow out of control, she kept clouds in front of the sun most of the day and she made the job of the firefighters much easier today.  Everyone involved in the fire fighting efforts has been incredible.  Sprinkler systems were kept running, spot fires were snuffed out with hoses and airplanes were kept busy all day long.  The life of a fire fighter is not a glamorous one.

     We thank God and the firefighting personnel for watching over the Gunflint Trail.  So far there have been no lives lost nor any serious injuries.  There have been structures lost; cabins are gone, personal belongings have burned, and the landscape is forever changed.  These are losses but none are as devastating as a loss of life. 

     We are lucky.  Things could have been so much worse.  Our family, friends and neighbors were evacuated and are safe.  They may be grieving the loss of their property or belongings, but they are alive to do so.  Voyageur survived the blaze with sprinklers working overtime.   It’s business as usual with Marilyn answering the phones and trying to keep up with e-mail. 

     I will write more tomorrow, but until then, please keep us in your prayers.