Kids can always seem to make me smile while it takes more for an adult to make me smile.  Today I had to smile because an individual acting like a child made me smile. 

     There are a few things that kids do when they don’t get the answer they like.  There are a few bad behaviors like crying, throwing a fit or storming off into their room and slamming the door.  Then there are the persistent children who if they don’t get the answer they like, they keep asking until they do.  If they can’t get one individual to give them the right answer then they go on to the next person and so on and so forth.

     Today I received a phone call from an individual looking for a Canadian Fishing License for a last minute trip.  I told them we didn’t sell them and they could purchase one either up in Canada(they were going up by Grand Portage) or Gunflint Lodge sold them.  His reply was, "I already talked to them at Gunflint and that’s what they said but I didn’t want to drive all of the way up there to get one."

     The smile was emerging on my face before I hung up the phone.  Not only because he was asking me something he already knew but also because we’re 13 miles farther than Gunflint.