Shopping, Gunflint Trail Style

Does the word Merchandise Mart mean anything to you?  It’s a place where retail store buyers can go to in order to find the latest and greatest items to offer for sale in their store.  The Minneapolis Gift Show at the Umaga and old Radisson South is one of these types of places.  We try to go to the gift show every couple of years in order to keep our Trading Post at Voyageur full of unique northwood’s items.  The show usually overlaps the dates of the Milwaukee Sport Show that we normally attend so we haven’t been able to browse the Gift Mart for a few years.  Since we aren’t at the Milwaukee Show this year we will be searching the many stores in the Gift Mart for a couple of days instead.  Mike has the pleasure of accompanying me from showroom to showroom of gifts and clothing just waiting for that perfect gift to jump off of the shelf at me.  Wish us luck!