Please Donate to the Search

     I have started a website for people who want to donate money to the search for my head.  It seems to have disappeared and I’m not quite sure where it is.  It was last seen on my shoulders around 8pm last night but no one has seen it since. 

     Shortly after 8pm I began to experience a strange sensation every time I sat down.  It was as if I had a headache but since my head was missing I couldn’t figure out what it was.  I could also smell a strange odor. 

     It’s been almost 12 hours since my head was last seen and I’m sure my family is worried.  If they had some money then they may be able to arrange a search party to find it.  That’s why your hard earned cash is needed in this search.  You can send checks or call or email with credit cards to donate to the search.

     Sorry folks, that’s a bit of sarcasm in response to something I saw on the internet.  It turns out there are 3 American Climbers who are missing in China.  They were attempting to summit a snow covered peak where dangers lurk in the form of avalanches and unforgiving weather.  Folks have perished while attempting to summit other peaks in the area.  The men are overdue and there whereabouts are unknown.  They could be temporarily delayed or worse.

     There’s a website where you can donate money to aide in the search to find them.  I find it odd there is a fund to help find or rescue people who were given money to participate in an adventure they knew they could lose their lives participating in.  I am sorry they are missing and I feel badly for their family and friends who are worried about them but I can’t imagine donating money to help find them when they knew they could very well be forever lost on a mountain in China. 

      It is every person’s choice whether or not to donate to this cause but I for one will not be sending my money to help in the search.  I’m sorry for the pain and suffering of all those involved and I do sincerely hope the climbers are found safe and sound.