Online Shopping

     Living 3 hours from the nearest mall has its advantages and disadvantages.  I appreciate malls and the shops in them much more when I am not able to just go shopping whenever I feel like it.  By rarely watching television and not shopping very often I am not reminded of all of the things I do not have, that I probably don’t need anyway.  When I’m in a city I end up thinking that I need certain items or that I would actually wear an outfit that I see in the window of a fashion boutique.  If I stay in my own little world then I am quite content with what I have.

     Most years we plan a special trip to the mall in Duluth for Christmas shopping.  This year we haven’t planned a trip and aren’t planning on going.  Christmas shopping makes me feel strange.  I see things that in my mind would be perfect for people on my list.  The reality of it is the person probably doesn’t need it or want it or they would have bought it for themselves.  Isn’t that the truth these days?  If someone sees something they want they just go and buy it.  Unless it is a really expensive item which in that case I can’t afford to buy it anyway. 

     This year the shopping that I am doing is online.  I have avoided the crowds of people, the over-commercialization of Christmas and the temptation to buy something I really don’t need.  If you’re looking to do a little online shopping then be sure to check out our Trading Post or give a gift of life by purchasing a Pink Paddle.  According to the Bite of the Day at Idealbite not only have I saved my sanity but I have also helped save energy by shopping online. 

The Bite:

If you shop from home, at least your desk chair will be there to catch you. Online shopping saves energy (your own and the energy that comes from power plants), plain and simple.


The Benefits

  • No waiting in line and you can shop 24 hours a day. (Please don’t actually shop 24 hours a day.) Saves energy. Despite their size, e-commerce warehouses use 1/16th of the energy used to operate retail stores.
  • Saves transportation energy. Even overnight air shipping uses 40% less fuel than the average car trip to the store.
  • Wider selection. If there’s a product you can’t buy on the internet, we’d be seriously surprised.
  • Gifts can be sent directly to the giftee, wrapped and all. Whether it’s recycled gift wrap is another question… "