Moose and More

The moose have been out and about on the Gunflint Trail.  It is that time of the year when they can be seen licking the salt off of the roadway.  It is always quite a thrill to come around a corner and see this massive creature right in front of your headlights!  I saw two trotting alongside the road on a recent drive.  I also had the opportunity to see a beautiful wolf, it too was in the middle of the road.  When we stopped the car it ran up into the ditch and looked at us.  We rolled the window down, I talked to it, and it just sat their staring at us.  Our fox friends have been frequenting our yard as well as numerous winged friends.  The businesses and homeowners around Gunflint have started to feed the deer again so driving down the side road reminds me of the old video game Frogger.  Not sure if any of you remember this game, but in it you are a frog who is trying to cross a busy highway without getting squished.  In the case of driving the Gunflint side road the humans in their vehicles are the frog, dodging the deer.  Unfortunately Mike lost a round of the game the other night and now my Subaru has a nice dent in the side panel, the deer ran away unscathed.