Middle of the Summer Moon

The 10th of July is the full moon and I hope some of you will be enjoying it in the Boundary Waters.  The July Moon is called many different things from Thunder, Buck, Ripe Corn, Hay, Raspberry,  Red Berries, Middle of the Summer and the Ojibwe name of Halfway through Summer.   The one that scares me is the Halfway Through the Summer Moon, for some reason that sounds worse than Middle of the Summer.  I hate to think we are halfway through the Summer when it feels like Summer just began.  I recently read a quote by Henry Clay that said, "The time will come when winter will ask you what you were doing all summer."  I just hope I can do enough things and remember what they all were to be satisfied.  Every Summer I make a list of the things I want to do before the snow flies; hike here, paddle there, visit so and so.  Now after reading that Summer is half over I feel myself beginning to panic.  I know it means there is still half of the Summer left to enjoy so I will focus on that.  I hope your list includes visiting us at Voyageur this Summer and I hope to see you all before the water turns solid.