Mangy Moose

This is the time of year when moose are the most unattractive as they will ever be.  They are in the process of shedding their winter coats and look quite scraggly,  if that is a word.  I saw one on my way home from town the other day and it suprised me again to see how white or grey their shedding fur is.  I can’t wait until it all sheds so they can look attractive once again wearing their gorgeous brown coats.  The bull moose should be starting to grow their new antlers too, such an exciting time of the year.  My friend Heather saw 5 moose on her way from town the other evening, so if you are driving the Gunflint, then be sure to take extra care.  I found a neat website about moose you might want to check out.  Do you have any interesting moose stories to share?  I sure would love to hear them and I’m sure the other blog readers would too.