Making Ice

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to help make ice up at Chippewa Inn on the Canadian Side of Saganaga.  I have always wanted to help but have been away every time they do it.  They first snow blow off a large section of ice, then score a grid in the ice.  They cut the blocks, chisel them out, and then haul them up to the storage shed where they will wait for summer.  When summer comes they will be used by guests and fishermen who stop in to buy ice.  I believe they said it takes over 600 blocks of ice to fill the shed and these aren’t small blocks.  It’s quite the production with people lifting, hauling, and generally having a blast while doing so.  The day ended by flooding the grid and enjoying each other’s company with a potluck and bonfire.   It was an awesome day.

<%image(20060320-iceblockssmall.jpg|200|150|cutting ice)%>
<%image(20060320-icesmallsueheather.jpg|200|150|putting up ice)%>