Let’s Go Trick or Treating on the Trail

Ok kids, costumes on and let’s get ready to get some treats.  Hmmm, the only problem is we have to walk over a half of a mile to the nearest neighbor and the next neighbor is oh, about 12 miles down the road.  Our Halloween is a bit different than the typical town children experience.  We don’t walk from door to door, nor do we head to the nearest mall for climate controlled Trick or Treating.  We have a good old-fashioned Potluck Halloween Celebration at our good friend’s the Bakers, they own Gunflint Pines Resort.  The dads take the kids in the van from house to house; pre-approved homes with people who love to see little kids dressed up and over indulge them with large amounts of candy.  They may only stop a few places but end up with way more candy than necessary and everyone enjoys the visit.  After Trick or Treating we all gather for dinner and yet more candy.  This time it is in the form of a Pinata that the kids take turns whacking at.  It’s a fun time for everyone and we wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween.