Happy November

     It’s hard to believe October is over and November is here.  I’m really not sure where the month went but I am sure November will go by just as quickly.  Halloween provided us high winds, cold temperatures and even some snow flurries to Trick or Treat with.

     It was the first year Abby and Josh really Trick or Treated.  LIving 56 miles from the nearest town we had never done the "normal" thing for Halloween.  We had always celebrated with friends up the Trail by coordinating a few spots to drive to for treats and then having a party with a pinata and plenty of food at the Pines.  This year I was in town helping with Halloween Parties during the day; one in Josh’s classroom and one at the Community Center.  We knew we would be in town late so we decided to stay and let the kids experience a "real" Halloween.

     We were very happy to be chaperoned by a "local."  She not only knew who lived in which house but also what type of candy they were likely to be giving out.  She escorted our happy group giving us the history of homes in Grand Marais while the kids ran from house to house with their bags of candy.    


   I think town trick or treating was a bit confusing for my kids.  They didn’t understand why you wouldn’t go to each and every house even if the outside light wasn’t on.  If there were lights on inside and no one came to the door then up on the Gunflint Trail you just open the door, say hello and walk on in.  That doesn’t work the same in town.  They also didn’t understand how someone could be running out of candy when they live in town, "Just go to the store and buy some more, duh!"  

     It sure was nice to be able to experience Trick or Treating in Grand Marais.  What a wonderful town it is when kids and adults can roam around town while the greatest concern is that of being hit by a car.  Halloween up here in town may be "normal" to some but it isn’t normal in most places.  I know we are very lucky to live in a place where Halloween can still be a real and not so scary tradition.