Happy About the Snow

     We were so happy the weather forecasters were right this weekend.  Most of the northland received anywhere from 12-24 inches of snow between Saturday and Sunday.  We probably received around 12 inches of the white stuff and it looks beautiful outside as the snow clings to the trees. 


    Driving was a bit difficult for those of us who had someplace to go on Saturday.  The worst part was being mesmerized by the falling snow and how it seemed to light up like lightening bugs as it landed on top of the existing snow.  It was hard to keep my eyes open and my mind on the road and not on some sort of fairy tale. 

     This big snowfall comes before many of the larger lakes have frozen over.  The Seagull River in front of our place had frozen over once but is open once again.  The weight of the heavy snow may have pushed the soft ice under.  Gunflint and Saganaga are still open and until we get some cold weather we’ll be waiting in limbo until they freeze.

     I’m ready for things to freeze up so we can enjoy our winter activities.  Most of our play routes involve crossing the ice whether it be by snowmobile or cross-counry skis.  I guess they plan to groom the ski trails one of these days soon and I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy it.