Gunflint’s Groundhog

If we had a groundhog that we could pull from his den for Groundhog’s Day he would not have seen his shadow yesterday on the Gunflint Trail.  What does this mean?  Thanks to Abby’s Kindergarten class and a cute poem by Margaret Hillert this is what I learned. 

The Groundhog plays a little game.  Woodchuck is his other name. If he finds no shadow here, Spring is very, very near.  But if he sees his shadow small, Winter isn’t done at all.   And back into his hole he’ll creep, for six more weeks of winter sleep.

Since it barely seems like winter has begun here on the Gunflint Trail I think I will go with the fact that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow yesterday and that we’ll have 6 more weeks of mild winter!