Gordy Poehls

Last week I talked about a great Saganaga Fishing Guide by the name of Gordy Poehls.  He was one of our closest neighbors, living about a mile from us.  He was  brought to the Cook County Hospital Thursday afternoon and unfortunately passed away there on Monday.   We will miss having Gordy at the end of the Trail and anyone who knew him will surely miss him as well.  He was a colorful character who spent many hours fishing on Sag and introducing people to the great Walleye fishing there.  When I think of Gordy I like to picture him as a Woodsy Marlboro Man, rugged and handsome and weathered from the great outdoors.  I’m sure those who knew him will think of him often; especially when they are reeling in a Saganaga Walleye.  May there be an endless supply of fish in heaven for Gordy to catch.