Everythings Going My Way

The sun is shining again this morning, it just doesn’t get any better than this.  We spent most of yesterday celebrating Easter with family and friends but I managed to squeeze in a quick paddle.  I put on my wet suit, a waterproof paddling jacket, and my life vest and hopped into my kayak.  The water on the river was as calm as could be and when I rounded the corner for Gull Lake there wasn’t a piece of ice in sight.  The ice is all gone, it was there on Saturday but gone on Sunday.  We even rented the first canoe of the season to some folks on Saturday, that’s got to be the earliest rental we’ve ever had.  The ice is still on Sag and many of the other lakes, but the smaller ones are breaking up quickly.  With the sun out and temperatures expected to be near 70 each day this week, I think we will have our open water everywhere by the weekend.   I hope to be able to get out and paddle again today and if all goes well I’ll even be able to take a spring canoe trip.