Canoe Races on the Gunflint Trail

     It was an evening of wind, rain, laughter and fun at the 30th annual Gunflint Trail Canoe Races hosted by the property owners of the Gunflint Trail.  Friends, neighbors, business owners and folks from all over the county gathered on Wednesday, July 18th to support the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department.  The canoe races are the largest fundraiser for the Fire Department and this year donations appear to be at an all time high.    

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  The Ham Lake Fire can be thanked for the outpouring of support for the Volunteer Fire Department and their efforts during the fire.  All of the 3500 raffle tickets were sold and there were more donated items and monetary gifts than ever before for the popular event.  Proceeds from this year’s event are expected to be double the normal amount and the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department will put that money to good use.

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     The participants of the races had a great time while supporting the department with their race entrance fees.  The Voyageur Crew had an awesome time paddling, pumping, and swimming on Gunflint Lake throughout the evening.  There were a number of first, second and third place ribbons won by the Voyageur Crew.  The enthusiasm and strong paddling shown by the Voyageur Crew was enough to bring home the 1st place trophy for the 6th year in a row.  It sure is fun to raise money for a good cause while having a great time doing it.

Way to go Voyaguer!