BWCA Campsite Closures- Alpine Fire

The BWCA is a wonderful place to visit, even with a wildfire burning.  Saganaga and Seagull Lake entry points are both still open and there is no talk of closing them.  There are 18 campsites that are currently closed due to the close proximity of the fire and/or fire fighters.  You can check out this map to see exactly which campsites are closed(the red tents are closed, green are open).  This map also shows where the fire has been,  where spot fires jumped, and other interesting fire facts.  Some of the closed campsites are currently occupied by fire teams who are out fighting the fire.  The last report we saw from the USFS said there were 8 closed campsites on Seagull Lake, 6 on Alpine, 3 on Red Rock and 1 on Saganaga.