BWCA Berries

We enjoyed a beautiful, sunny, warm day today; not sure what the weather people were looking at when they said rain!  With the warm temperatures we had in April, the nice amount of rain in May, and nice weather in June it appears as though we will have a bumper crop of berries this summer.  The strawberries are ripe and my four-year-old Josh and I enjoyed picking and eating some of them today.  I have noticed many blueberry plants with berries already on them.  This is a little earlier than normal and they will be blue and ready to pick in no time at all.  Wild blueberries are so much tastier than the ones you can buy in a store.  Our guests love to add them to their pancakes or just eat them by the handfulls.  I have enjoyed blueberry salsa and I love to make a fresh blueberry malt.  Do you have a favorite blueberry recipe?  Please let me know!