Bob Cary’s Last Portage

On Saturday, June 17th, Bob Cary traveled to his final campsite.  I’m sure it is a perfect site with a view of both the sunrise and sunset, where he can cast from shore and catch any type of fish each evening for dinner.  There’s no bugs, the water is perfect for swimming, and wildlife wanders through the campsite unafraid.  The weather will be perfect each day and loons and wolves will sing their song together.  Bob Cary will be missed by all but his legend will live on in the stories he has written.  Articles he has written for the Ely Echo, interviews he has done for television and radio and his famous books, The Rootbeer Lady, Born to Pull, Bush Pilots, and Tales From Jack Pine Bob, will leave a legacy of a northwoods kind.  Bob Cary was a woodsman, he loved the outdoors and everything in it.  He was a story teller and thankfully an author.  Most of all he was a neighbor and a friend to everyone he met in Ely or on the Trail. To listen to Bob’s final farewell you can visit this website.