Bikers on the Gunflint Trail Cause Concern

     Those of you who have driven the Gunflint Trail know there isn’t much of a shoulder alongside of the road.  There are also very few places the road is straight enough to pass another vehicle. Hills, curves, wildlife and a combination of Sunday drivers and seasoned drivers make the Gunflint Trail an interesting place to drive.

     I take walks on the Gunflint Trail and sometimes fear for my life. Inattentive drivers or ones who take corners too fast have come very close to hitting me. Luckily for me my hearing and reaction time are pretty good and I have common sense to move off of the roadway and little shoulder there is. 

     This weekend there will be up to 75 bikers on the lower portion of the Gunflint Trail. It’s a group ride/race organized by the Gravel Conspiracy Blog. They depart from Grand Marais, bike to the East Bearskin Campground, return to Grand Marais, head over to Ely and back to Grand Marais.  While it sounds like a fun ride it also sounds like a dangerous one. 

      As far as I know there will be no road closures or signage announcing their presence.  I don’t know if there will be a lead car or sag car or how spread out the group will be. It concerns me because I know how little room for error there is on the Gunflint Trail. 

     If you’re on the Gunflint Trail this weekend then please be extra cautious. Please share the little road there is with the bikers.