Backpacker’s Pantry Outback Oven

The Outback Oven is a great addition to your backpacking or canoe trip kitchen.  Remember the days of packing your heavy dutch oven along on camping trips just so you could have fresh baked goods while out on your trip?  You needed a good fire going so you had some great coals for using your large dutch oven.  The temperature was so difficult to regulate that first you found your cake burning and then after raking coals away and waiting two hours you still found the cake raw in the middle.  Well there is no reason to start a fire or to break your back just to have delicious baked food on your outing.  Backpackers Pantry makes an Outback Oven that you can use over a camp stove.  It is lightweight and easy to use and even comes with a thermometer so you can regulate the temperature in the oven throughout your baking.  They also have some tasty items that we have on our Voyageur menu including, pizza, apple pie, brownies and focaccia bread.  The next camping trip you take be sure to bring along an outback oven and you will be delighted at how easy it is to prepare fresh baked goods in the woods.