Annual Canoe Race

Every year the Gunflint Trail property owners and businesses put on a fundraiser for the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department.  Guests of resorts, cabin owners, staff from the various outfitters, and people from all over come to participate in the event.  There is a raffle with small items as well as a raffle for a brand new Wenonah Canoe donated by Wenonah.  The races are not serious and are meant to be fun, but we at Voyageur take them seriously and have brought home the travelling trophy the past 3 years.  Yesterday the staff was seen practicing the different races; backwards paddling, broken paddle, facing each other, and even gunwale pumping.  Two of the four canoes tipped during the last race and a good laugh was had by all.  If you are interested in joining in on the fun this year the races will be held on July 20th on Gunflint Lake.  If you have any racing tips, then please let us know!