Almost September

It’s hard to believe August is almost over.  It seems like yesterday was the 4th of July and now here it is, almost September.  I have a strange feeling this year about September.  This is Abby’s first year of school and she will get on a bus and travel 56 miles to Grand Marais for all-day, everyday Kindergarten.  We’ll have to get her out to the Gunflint Trail around 6:30 AM and we won’t see her until after 4:30 PM!  This seems like a long time, especially for someone who has never had to drop their kids off at daycare.  You read that right, I’m not worried at all about Abby, she will be just fine.  She loves the kids who will ride on her bus and thrives in social situations.  I’m worried about me!  I hope I don’t need to follow the bus to town on the first day of school like a neighbor did, but then again, that wouldn’t be so bad, would it?