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Sharing is Nice, But Not When it’s My Campsite

If you are out in the Boundary Waters and can’t find a campsite then please don’t ask me if you can camp at my site with me. I’m sorry but I really don’t want to share. If I tell you,

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Oh Those Pesky Black Bears

I guess we aren’t the only part of the Superior National Forest that is experiencing friendly and frequent black bear visitors. The bear population must be at an all time high because many people are reporting seeing them either on

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Forest is Thirsty

Our Superior National Forest is thirsty for a good rain. We only received .03″ last night while other places received a little more and a little less. While scouring the Gunflint Trail for blueberries I’ve done alot more walking than

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National Forest Foundation

The National Forest Foundation created this infographic about the real beauty of forests. We love our Superior National Forest and I liked this infographic enough to share it with you, hope you enjoy it.

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Christmas Trees

It’s around this time of the year we start seeing Christmas trees on top of vehicles heading south. Many people come to our neck of the woods to select their trees and not from the lot at the Holiday Station

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Memorial Weekend in the Boundary Waters

There are plenty of BWCA paddling permits available for Memorial Day Weekend. I wish I were planning to paddle and camp but there are still too many things I need to work on for the season.  There are still tackle

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