Is this ice out yet?

This is the question anyone in the tourism industry has been asked numerous times since the middle of April. Will the ice be out by the Minnesota fishing opener? Only time will tell but folks who want to fish this opener will find smaller lakes already free of ice.  Want to know which lakes are ice free? Check out the Minnesota DNR website for details.

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Ham Lake Fire Anniversary

If you would have asked me a week or two ago if fire danger would be high this spring I would have laughed. Fast forward to now and I’m not laughing. I’m also trying to not think about the weather conditions from 11 years ago either. 11 years? It hardly seems possible the Ham Lake Fire happened that long ago but I guess it did. That could be why my symptoms of PTSD of dealing with wildfire have lessened…

In any case, until the trees green up there’s always a better chance of a fast moving and growing fire. Conditions are dry due to the lack of rainfall this spring and the forecast calls for high winds. A red flag warning is predicted for much of Minnesota today. Hopefully folks will avoid the temptation of burning anything until we’ve received some much needed precipitation.

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It’s official, the tow boats are in the water!

The first step to getting ready to take the first tow boat ride of the season has been completed. The boat is in the water and ready to explore wherever the lack of ice will allow.

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Sag Lake Landing ice status

At least the snow has melted off of the surface so the ice can start to melt!

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Seagull River spring thaw

Just so you know, the ice is slowly disappearing on the Seagull River.

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Waterfalls on the North Shore

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Celebrate Arbor month

From the MN DNR-

May is Minnesota Arbor Month

To help celebrate Arbor Month, the Department of Natural Resources has created three short and fun videos that demonstrate how to plant, water, and mulch trees. Planting trees is the easiest and most natural way to keep water clean.

“We Minnesotans can thank trees for the clean water we drink,” said Jennifer Teegarden, forestry outreach specialist. “These new videos show you how to easily plant and care for trees so that they provide clean water for generations to come.”

So how, exactly, do trees keep water clean?

Trees act like giant umbrellas: Trees slow down and guide rain as it falls to the ground, keeping soil and sediment runoff out of rivers and lakes.

Trees act like sponges: Mature trees soak up 25-35 percent of the rainwater that falls on them. In fact, 100 mature trees keep about 140,000 gallons of water out of storm sewers each year.

Trees function as filters: The soil underneath trees traps sediment and pollutants suspended in rainwater. This prevents these contaminants from entering ground and surface waters.

Watch the new videos on the DNR’s Arbor Month webpage, which also includes information about Arbor Month celebrations throughout the state. For more Arbor Month and clean water information, follow @mnforestry on Twitter.

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Weather on the Gunflint Trail

It’s been getting cold at night but we’ve had some nice warm sunshiny days on the Gunflint Trail over the past couple of weeks.

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Not too much longer

Hopefully all of our ice will be gone by fishing opener, our fingers are crossed.

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Find a path

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